Penn State offers several courses that cover Computational Biology and Bioinformatics material. We list some of them here:

Course ID Description and links
BMMB/MCIBS 554 Introduction to data driven life sciences
CSE/BMMB 566 Algorithms and Data Structures for Bioinformatics
BMB 497 Introduction to Bioinformatics
BMMB 852 Applied Bioinformatics
PHYS/BIOL 497 Network analysis of biological systems
STAT 555 Statistical Analysis of Genomics Data
BIOL 405 Molecular Evolution
BMMB 551 Genomics
BMB 484 Functional Genomics
BIOL 422 Advanced Genetics
BIOL 428 Population Genetics
MCIBS 556 Computation, Bioinformatics, and Statistics Practicum

Graduate programs

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies with Computational Biology and Bioinformatics as the main component have several programs to choose from. The right choice depends on the exact type of research you are interested in, as well as your educational background. The most common options are:

Training grants

Traning grants provide external funding for students to participate in training activities outside of their own graduate program. Applications are solicited during the year from students already enrolled in a graduate program. This funding allows students to receive additional training that is not usually part of a graduate program, e.g. additional courses, seminars, or tutorials.