Fall 2016

● The Weekly Wednesday Wartik Genomics Lecture Series (WWWGLS) is held in 501 Wartik Lab (large commons area) on Wednesdays at 4pm, unless noted otherwise.
● Coffee, tea, and cookies are usually served in advance.
● Live video is also available in room HCAR1101 at Hershey.
● PSU faculty can nominate speakers via this form
Date Presenter(s) Topic
August 24 Frank Pugh
Penn State University
Genomic mechanisms of gene regulation and chromatin organization
August 31 Barbara Arbeithuber
Penn State University
DNA lesions - an important source of bias in ultrasensitive mutation detection
September 7
Xiang-Dong Fu
University of California, San Diego
Regulatory RNA on chromatin
September 14 Daehwan Kim
Johns Hopkins University
Graph-based alignment of NGS reads to a population of human genomes
September 21 Zhijin (Jean) Wu
Brown University
Analyzing gene expression measured by single cell RNA sequencing
September 28 Samir Wadhawan
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Transcriptome Dysregulation in NonAlcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
October 5 David Hendrix
Oregon State University
Biological Discovery using Transcriptomics: from Deep Sequencing to Deep Learning
October 6 Robert Kuhn
University of California, Santa Cruz
UCSC Genome Browser Workshop
October 12 Luis Barreiro
University of Montreal
Genetic ancestry and natural selection drive population differences in immune response to pathogens in humans
October 19 Yafei Lyu and Yong Jung
Penn State University
Multi-tissues co-expression network inference with adaptive joint graphical lasso AND Partner-Specific Prediction of Protein-RNA Interface
October 24
Irene Tiemann-Boege
Johannes Kepler University
Selfish mutations are important drivers of the paternal age effect
October 24
100 Huck Life Sciences
Molly Przeworski
Columbia University
Marker Lecture in Evolutionary Biology: Searching for the genetic variants that underlie human adaptations
October 25
100 Huck Life Sciences
Molly Przeworski
Columbia University
Marker Lecture in Evolutionary Biology: Of men, mice and birds: the evolution of recombination hotspots
October 26 [No seminar]
November 2 Sergi Kosakovsky Pond
Temple University
Scalable and biologically realistic methods for inferring selective pressures from molecular sequence data
November 9 Jose Badano
Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
Dissecting the genetic and cellular basis of the ciliopathy Bardet-Biedl syndrome
November 16 Rahul Vegesna and Lila Rieber
Penn State University
Variation in ampliconic gene copies AND 3D Chromosome Conformation at Kilobase Resolution
November 23 [Thanksgiving break]
November 30 Lucia Carbone
Oregon Health & Science University
The rapidly evolving gibbon karyotype as a model to study genome instability
December 7 Akshay Kakumanu
Penn State University
Computational methods reveal feed-forward regulatory strategy during spinal motor neuron programming
December 15
Joseph F. Costello
University of California, San Francisco
Tumor Histories Encrypted in the Genome and Epigenome