Fall 2020

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Date Presenter(s) Topic
August 26 Kathryn Stankiewicz and Matthew Jensen
The Pennsylvania State University
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Using the Astrangia poculata Genome as a Model for Understanding Cnidarian Evolution and Symbiosis; Patterns of Genetic Variant Combinations Determine the Phenotypic Trajectory of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
September 9 Sarah Craig
The Pennsylvania State University
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1H-NMR Metabolomics Reveals Associations With Child BMI at 2 Years
September 16 Jesse Gillis
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Hosted by: Santhosh Girirajan
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The Transcriptional Legacy of Developmental Stochasticity
September 23 Jordan Hughley and Adam Rork
The Pennsylvania State University
Zoom URL
AbbVie Summer Internship Experience; Comparative Transcriptomics Offer Insight Into Carabid Beetle Chemical Defense Evolution
October 14 Lindsay Fernandez-Rhodes
The Pennsylvania State University
Hosted by: Center for Medical Genomics
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Improvements in Discovery and Fine-Mapping of Obesity-Related Traits with Diverse Ancestral Samples
October 21 Alejandra Medina-Rivera
University of Mexico
Hosted by: Shaun Mahony, Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
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Characterizing the Effect of Genetic Variants Within Promoters with Distal Enhancer Functions
October 28 Marcella Baiz
The Pennsylvania State University
No Zoom URL
Repeated Evolution and Introgression of Pigmentation Genes in a Colorful Songbird Radiation
November 4 David McCandlish
Cold Springs Harbor Lab
Hosted by: Yifei Huang
No Zoom URL
Title to be announced
November 11 Boris Rebolledo Jaramillo
Center for Genetics and Genomics, Facultad de Medicina CAS - Universidad del Desarrollo
Hosted by: Kateryna Makova, Center for Medical Genomics
Zoom URL
Mitochondrial Contribution to Prodromal Manifestations of Parkison Disease in 22q Deletion Syndrome Patients
November 18 Aria Khademi
The Pennsylvania State University
Hosted by: George Perry
No Zoom URL
Causal Explainable AI: A Novel Causal Framework for Explaining Black Box Model Predictions
December 2 Karen Miga
Genomics Institute, University of California, Santa Cruz
Hosted by: Ross Hardison
No Zoom URL
Telomere-to-Telomere Chromosome Assemblies: New Insights Into Genome Biology & Structure