Fall 2021

● The Weekly Wednesday Wartik Genomics Lecture Series (WWWGLS) is held in 501 Wartik Lab (large commons area) on Wednesdays at 3 pm, unless noted otherwise.
● Coffee, tea, and snacks are usually served after the presentation.
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Date Presenter(s) Topic
September 15 Hyuntae Na
Penn State Harrisburg
Hosted by: Paul Medvedev, Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
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Exponential Decay of Water Influence on Protein Dynamics: a Study Based on Normal Mode Analysis
October 6 Bin Zhu
National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics
Hosted by: Qunhua Li, CCBB, CBIOS
Zoom URL
New Statistical Methods for Mutational Signature Analysis
October 13 Jacob Kitzman
University of Michigan Medical School
Hosted by: Santhosh Girirajan
Zoom URL
Large-scale approaches to classify and understand genetic variants
October 27 Edmundo Torres-Gonzalez
The Pennsylvania State University
Hosted by: Kateryna Makova
Zoom URL
Exploring the effects of mitonuclear DNA discordance on mtDNA gene expression
November 10 Dajiang Liu and Laura Carrel
The Pennsylvania State University
Hosted by: Yifei Huang, Center for Medical Genomics
Zoom URL
Understanding the role of the X chromosome and genetic variations in human diseases
November 17 Irene Gallego Romero
School of BioScience, University of Melbourne
Hosted by: Shaun Mahony, CCBB, CBIOS
No Zoom URL
Modern and ancient gene regulation in Island Southeast Asia
December 1 Francesco Raimondi
Laboratorio di Biologia Bio@SNS, Scuola Normale Superiore
Hosted by: Francesca Chiaromonte, Institute for Genome Sciences
Zoom URL
Data-driven discovery and exploitation of biological signalling mechanisms
December 8
Macha Nikolski
Institut de Biochimie Génétique et Université de Bordeau
Hosted by: Kateryna Makova, Center for Medical Genomics
Zoom URL
Cancer data analyses: from SNVs in targeted sequencing data to cell-type specific biomarkers