2018 Workshop on emerging methods for sequence analysis

CCBB will host a one-day workshop on emerging methods for sequence analysis. The workshop will feature a mix of invited speakers and local Penn State speakers. It will be held on June 22nd (2018), immediately following the PSU Boot Camp on Data Reproducibility.


Please register here by May 31st. Registration is free. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for registered participants.

Schedule (tentative)

The workshop will be held on June 22nd, 2018, in the ASI auditorium.

Time Speaker Title
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Invited talk: Elana Fertig (JHU) Enter the matrix: factorization uncovers knowledge from omics
10:00 Marzia Cremona Discovering functional motifs in “Omics” curves using probabilistic K-mean with local alignment
10:15 Nate Coraor TBD
10:30 Coffee break
10:50 Invited talk: Rob Patro (Stony Brook) Deconvolution, dictionaries and de Bruijn graphs : algorithm and data structure design for modern genomics
11:50 Kristoffer Sahlin IsoCon: Deciphering highly similar multi-copy gene transcripts from PacBio Iso-Seq data
12:05 Wilfried Guiblet A new dimension to DNA sequencing: polymerization kinetics at non-B DNA structures
12:20 Lunch with Posters
1:50 Invited talk: Seyoung Kim (CMU) Statistical methods for learning gene networks under SNP perturbation
2:50 Guray Kuzu Using topic modeling to identify protein groups from ChIPexo data
3:05 Guanjue Xiang PKnorm: normalizing sequencing depth and signal-to-noise ratio between epigenomic data
3:20 Coffee break
3:40 Invited talk: Adam Phillippy (NIH) Can nanopore sequencing finally finish the human genome?
4:40 Tao Yang Detecting the differentially interacting genomic regions from Hi-C data
4:55 Jie Xu TBD
5:05 Closing remarks
6 PM Dinner (by invitation)